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Customers follow brands not businesses


A brand strategy, a logo design and your brands identity, are key components to go to market. Having a great brand is the starting point of every business. Choose a partner that can provide superior quality branding solutions that are fully customized to your business needs.

Join the Softillion family and become part of our expert team as we take you on a journey where we fully get to understand your business and its branding definition. We kick of the process with an effective brand strategy as we move onto selecting a suitable brand name. We then proceed to creating a fitting logo design as we finalise your brand identity. From online to offline marketing tools, such as digitally branded websites, branded uniforms and branded promotional gifts, we are confident enough to state, we don’t just build software, we help build your business.

B2B Branding: Business-to-Business Branding White Paper

Written by Paul Hague: A brand is so named following the distinctive ownership mark left by a scorching hot iron on the rump of cattle. It wasn’t long before companies saw the opportunities for using similar kinds of marks to make their own products instantly recognisable to their target audiences. The logo was born.

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