Essentials You Need to Know About Brand Strategy and Design

Brand strategy is one of the cornerstones of running a successful business. If you do not have strong brand strategy and design for the short-, medium-, and long-term business goals, you may as well close the doors. While most small businesses usually opt to design their own brand strategy internally, experts recommend that the help of an external professional agency is obtained. Internal staff members are often caught up in their own restricted views about brand identity and strategy, because they are looking from within the company, whereas a fresh set of eyes from an external professional agency can shed light on things that can be improved, to develop strong brand strategy and design.

What Brand Strategy Is

Essentially, brand strategy can be defined as a plan that will take care of the long-term development of the brand, and all the actions needed to achieve these goals. It also includes the setting of the goals, and management strategies for the short and medium term. A great brand strategy goes hand in hand with great design and, together, the brand strategy and design work to form a connection with the needs of the consumer, the marketplace, and the industry. It also helps to find the best channels to reach the potential consumer and to build a strong presence in the marketplace.

Brand strategy is vital to any business, and how it is developed is also very important. The best place to start is usually at the beginning, by asking certain questions that will help to set the objectives of the business. For instance, what is the reason for creating a new brand? What is to be achieved with this new brand? What goals must be reached before the brand can be considered successful? Different objectives will need different brand strategies. For instance, your brand strategy, and design needed, to reach a new type of consumer, is going to be different to a strategy that is intended to help increase market share in an existing market.

Developing Brand Strategy and Design

This can be difficult to do, and the best advice is to use professionals in the field. Sometimes, the challenge of setting up workable and practical strategies can be bigger than anticipated by internal staff, and external professionals will usually have access to knowledge and resources that an internal marketing department does not, such as:

  • A great overall knowledge of the marketplace and the industry landscape.
  • Experience in developing brand strategy and design for many different businesses in different environments.
  • A familiarity with some of your competitors.
  • How to communicate your brand strategy effectively.
  • How to achieve effective brand design.
  • A lot of experience and the required professional qualifications in brand strategy and design.

Essentials for Strong Brand Strategy Development

Many different considerations are involved in the development of brand strategy and design, and some of these include:

  • Purpose: What does your brand promise the consumer? Purpose can be defined in two ways:
    • Function: What is the function of the strategy and what are the measurements of success?
    • Intent: What is classified as success, and how will this relate to the ability of the business to make money, and to also do other things, such as becoming more socially aware?
  • Consistency: How are you going to ensure that the message, the brand, and the business remain consistent over time? This can be a lot more difficult than most businesses realise.
  • Emotion: What kind of emotions would you like your brand to evoke in people?
  • Flexibility: While consistency is important, being able to flex with the market in a fast-developing world is vital.
  • Employees: How are you going to involve your employees in your brand strategy and design, and what roles will they have to play?
  • Consumer loyalty: How are you going to keep your customers coming back for more?
  • Competition: How aware are you of what your competition is doing? What can you do to stay ahead?

While the development of a brand strategy and design may sound like a fun adventure, it is crucial that you use professionals who know what they are doing. Give our team a call today to find out more about how we can help you to build a strong brand presence in your market!

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