Why is processing speed important?

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We live in a world that revolves completely around time…

Everything we do in this physical world either relies on or consumes time. New markets are created annually. Sometimes even monthly. We take a step back as to when computers weren’t all that quick.

There was no screen, so you would operate it on punch cards to generate processes. You wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, make breakfast for the family, and eventually get to documenting what you needed to.

Industries are becoming more and more evolved, with the industrial revolution leaving our era, we are stepping into the unknown. We face mister x every day and he’s got a new itinerary in store for us.

Therefore, we can’t afford to sit around and think of how we are going to deal with the situation. Rather, we need the processing speed that achieves our objectives within the time frames given to us. Reactions to situations nowadays have become like muscle memory. For example, this problem is solved by doing this…

It needs to be this way otherwise we wouldn’t achieve our objectives, especially in the work environment, and falling behind is something that become less and less profitable as the ages move on.

The times we live in now are flooded with more and more responsibilities. We never had to check our emails just 30 years ago, and slowly but surely, social media is almost becoming its own baby that we all need to look after.

With that in mind, if you are a video editor who creates vlogs on youtube, or a game developer, rendering/processing speed becomes crutial to your everyday tasks.

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